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Doba Dropshipper Integration Addon for Zen Cart

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Doba Dropshipper Integration Addon for Zen Cart

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Doba dropshipper Integration Addon allows you to intagrate products from Doba dropshipper with your store automatically


With the help of Doba Dropshipper Integration Addon for Zen Cart you will import products from Doba to your store, update and synchronize products prices, quantity and stock status, export orders from store to Doba, submit payments for your orders.

Doba has been recognized as the most trusted drop ship solution in the industry.

In order to start working with Doba Вropshipper Integration you need to register on Doba

Using Doba Integration Wizard, you can select the actions to setup the Addon:

  1. Import (allows to import Inventory lists from your Doba account into your on-line store)
  2. Synchronize (synchronize products' price, quantity and stock status)
  3. Export (export orders from your on-line store to Doba)
  4. Pay (pay for your orders)

Note: This addon is already built in the Webshop manager and should be registered with a separate license key. So in order to use the addon you have to install and register Webshop manager first.
Addon requires Webshop manager for Zen Cart

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