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Support Service - Premium

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Support Service - Premium

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Premium Support Sevice for most-demanding customers


Premium Support Service includes single software installation and detailed configuration, according to your specific requirements and personal education sessions on technologies/ web services/ software/ processes related to ordered software.

Premium Support Service specifically includes:

  1. High Priority email support service
  2. One 90 minutes live chat session - for requirements gathering and specific configuration details
  3. Software installation/configuration
  4. Setting up cron jobs/automated tasks
  5. Providing requirements for third-party companies (hosting providers, ssl certificate providers etc)
    Customer is responsible for communications with third-party companies, specific to each service request

Detailed scope of work will be determined for each customer individually, you may be asked to purchase additional services.

You will need to provide following information along with order:

  1. FTP login details
  2. Hosting control panel URL and login details
  3. Store Admin section login details
  4. Module/application name

You can include this information in Comments field during checkout process, alernatively you can send it via email to Grootheid support.

Please order this product if you have some special needs concerning your previously-ordered module.

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