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Webshop manager for Magento - Enterprise Edition

Webshop manager for Magento - Enterprise Edition

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Magento Webshop manager is a Windows application to quickly and effectively manage Magento


Targeting the most advanced and complex Magento based stores, Webshop manager for Magento Enterprise Edition not only includes the unlimited access to all the basic and advanced features of the program, but also supports Magento Enterprise Edition. So now, Webshop manager is geared towards larger companies choosing the greater features provided by Magento platform.

Premium Features:

  • Support of Magento Enterprise Edition
  • Support of the latest versions of Magento platform
  • Unlimited number of store connections that can added to the database
  • Unlimited number of products available for import and export
  • Advanced category management, product management, attribute management and order management
  • SSH support provided for secure connections
  • Onward store configuration for editing all store settings in one window
  • Headway multiple store management
  • Fully functional general and custom reports
  • Hastened management of database restore and backup options
  • Easy product navigation, quick search, advanced filters and views
  • Advanced direct and bridge connections for maintaining instant changes to the store

Additional Tools:

  • Store Diagnostics, allowing to analyze and track missing product images
  • Raw Table Editor for direct operations with store database tables and fields
  • Multi Editor designed for easy product pricing management
  • Advanced operations with custom SQL queries
  • Mass operations with expressions for an easy definition of valid values and conditions using macroses
  • Addons are provided with full, unlimited and unconditional access
  • QuickBooks Integration addon designed for automatic product, order, customer export to QuickBooks
  • USPS Shipping Integration addon for easy and fast shipping management
  • Automated Product Import addon to automate the product import process from external resources
  • ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration, designed to synchronize product descriptions and images with ICEcat product catalogue
  • Peachtree Integration addon, helping to synchonize products, customers and orders with Peachtree by Sage
  • Mass AdWords Product Ads for easy creation of separate ads in Google AdWords
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