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Mass Product Changer for CRE Loaded

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Mass Product Changer for CRE Loaded

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Mass Product Changer - automate mass operations over multiple products in CRE Loaded


Have you ever

  • spent hours changing pricing in your online store?
  • thought why �19.99 product is selling 20% better than �20?
  • tried to test what price is right in your store?
  • want to change multiple fields for multiple products all at once?

If so - Mass Product Changer Addon allows you to make changes easily, quickly and safely

  • Change product pricing in few clicks
    Now will take minutes or even seconds versus hours previously
  • Make product pricing "smart"
    Increase your conversion simply by changing your price by 1 cent!
  • Make it safe by automating
    Software does it safely for you - minimize human mistakes

Mass Product Changer Addon simplifies operations over multiple products at once and bring few additional important features.

NOTE: Addon requires Webshop manager for CRE Loaded

How to use this addon?

Select one or more products at "Products" page in Webshop manager and click right mouse button for popup menu. Select Mass Product Changer Addon item:

When all changes are done click OK button to apply them to your products.

* You will not be able to apply changes if your addon works in DEMO mode (is not registered).

Mass Product Changer has four tabs - Modifier, Options, All Fields and Results.


Modifier page has four sections - Price Modifier, Special Price Modifier, Quantity Modifier and Stock Modifier.

Every section has "Modify..." checkbox. When checked addon will make appropriate modifications, when unchecked - no modifications will be done.

Price Modifier (Special Price Modifier)

Check "Modify Price by" checkbox to allow modifications. Set some numeric value and select one of three available options below:

  • /- % - modify price (special price) by increasing or decreasing current value by specified number of percents.
  • /- value - modify price (special price) by increasing or decreasing current value by specified number.
  • Set fixed value - just overwrite current value with new one.


You have some product with a price of �5.00. Check "Modify Price by" and specify 10 in the box to the left.

When " /- %" option selected new product price will be �5.00 10% = �5.50.
When " /- value" option selected new product price will be �5 10 = �15.
Having "Set fixed value" option checked new product price will be set to �10.

You can specify negative value if you want to decrease product price.

Check "Smart Price" option for some additional price features. See below for more details.

Quantity Modifier

Quantity modifier works in the same way as price modifier, no differences.

Stock Modifier

You can set In Stock, Out of Stock or leave it as is when "Modify Stock" option is not checked.


This page has three sections - two for prices and one for testing.

Smart Price (Special Smart Price)

Smart price allows you to select smart marketing price like �9.99 instead of �10.00 or �24.95 rather than �25.00

  • Factor (Round) - round the price to be divisible by specified value. As for example you like your price to be at �25, �30, �35 etc. but not �27 or �31. Set round value as 5 to automatically round the price.
  • Delta - set value by which the price will be reduced. As for example to have 9.99 but not 10.00 you have to set 0.01 there or set 0.05 to have �9.95 and so on.

When calculating new smart price first operation is rounding and then it uses delta value.

Combine "Delta" and "Round" values to get smart price like �24.99 or �34.99 and so on.

Verify Calculations

Just type some value into Test Price box and see how it will calculate new prices.

Results page show you all products you going to modify with both old (current) value and new (modified) one.

You can review new values and change those of them you like to be different. You can change values in all columns having captions starting with "New " - e.g. "New price" or "New special price" etc. All other columns such as "Product Name", "Product Model" or "Price" are read only, do not try to change them.

Applying Changes

By this moment all changes you made were applied to some temporary set of products stored in memory. When you click OK button all prices, quantities and other modifications will be posted to your database to real products.

Compatibility and Availability

This addon available in both Webshop manager for CRE Loaded. It can be used for all versions of CRE Loaded however it does not provide functionality to change prices for different customer groups.

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