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ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration for CRE Loaded

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ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration for CRE Loaded

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ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration allows you to synchronize your CRE Loaded product names, descriptions and
images with ICEcat


ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration Addon for Webshop manager for CRE Loaded allows you to download product descriptions and images from ICEcat product catalog. You may register for free Open ICEcat product catalog or paid FULL ICEcat catalog with the extended product database.

ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration allows you to synchronize product names, descriptions and images with ICEcat.biz (worldwide unique product catalog). ICEcat product catalog contains hundreds of manufactures and products with detailed high-quality descriptions and photos.

The features of ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration plugin are numerous. To name a few:

  1. Get High-Quality Product Descriptions
    Load short or long multilingual (more than 20 languages) high-quality product descriptions for store from ICEcat
  2. Get High-Quality Product Images
    Load product images of different size and quality (thumbnail, low quality, high quality)
  3. Receive Regular Updates
    Receive daily updates of product descriptions and images
  4. More Features Inside
    You will find more options and possibilities that will make your work much more convenient and easy

Features, planned for next versions:

  • Upload your Products to ICEcat
    You can export your products to ICEcat to get better visibility
  • EAN (European Article Number) Product Codes
    Download EAN product codes from ICEcat to your store

What ICEcat Integration plugin offers you:

  1. Much Easier Work with Store Content
    Enter product names and SKU numbers and get all other details (descriptions, images) for hundreds or thousands of products at one place right from the Webshop manager
  2. Save Time
    Getting product details from ICEcat you won't have to waste time making up product descriptions or looking for proper product images
  3. Precise Product Descriptions
    Download short and long descriptions for your products in standardized form approved by manufacturers
  4. Reduce Mistakes
    Avoid possible mistakes in product descriptions getting already approved, high-quality ones

Don't waste time trying to craft decent product description yourself. Get accurate product descriptions and images for all your products at one place. Don't look anywhere else - ICEcat Integration plugin brings it all to you!

*You will need full ICEcat account to get access to complete product database. Open ICEcat offers only limited access to 250 000 vendor-approved, standardized product data-sheets, Full ICEcat - to 500 000 product data-sheets.

NOTE: Addon requires Webshop manager for CRE Loaded

Invest in your business today to get more profit tomorrow!

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